The list consists the deaths occurred in You're Next.

You're Next (2011)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Talia Butchered with machete Craig Found dead
Erik Harson Half of head butchered with machete
Tariq Shot in forehead through window with crossbow
Aimee Davison Throat slit by thin wire The Masked Assailants
Aubrey Davison Face impaled with machete Tom Found dead
Kelly Davison Punched in face/knocked through glass door, eye hacked with axe, thrown through window Craig
Dave Arm impaled to wall with kitchen knife, groin kicked, leg hit/back of head bashed 13 times with meat tenderizer Erin
Paul Davison Throat slit with machete Tom
Drake Davison Shot in back through window with crossbow, stomach/chest impaled with 6 screwdrivers Craig and Felix Davison
Craig Back impaled with screwdriver, foot impaled on nail-board, eye impaled with fillet knife Erin
Tom Hit in back of head/face 8 times with wooden log
Felix Davison Door slammed into face, glass pitcher of blender broken over head/head impaled with broken blender/head blended
Zee Hit in back of head with frying pan, head impaled with fillet knife
Crispian Davison Neck/eye impaled with fillet knife
Officer Trubiano Face hacked by swinging axe trap Accident, off-screen


  • Erin confides to Zee that she was raised in a Australian survivalist camp by her father.
  • Felix Davison and Zee hired the assassins so they could inherit the family's riches.
    • Crispian Davison was involved due to student loans.
      • He even tempted with Erin to pay for her student loans and quit her bartender job she hates.
  • The trap Erin had set was unintentionally set off by Officer Trubiano.
  • The Tiger and Lamb assailants, known respectively as Dave and Craig, are revealed to be brothers.
    • Craig even stated he loved his brother when Felix Davison was talking about killing his own.
      • He threatened to kill Felix after he was told that Erin "fucked him up good" until the latter decided to raise his and Tom's pay from $200,000 each to $500,000 for Craig due to taking his brother's share, and $300,000 for Tom.

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