The list consists the deaths occurred in the Wrong Turn film series.

Wrong Turn (2003)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Richard Stoker Head bashed in (off-screen), thrown off cliff Three Finger
Halley Smith Dragged away, killed (off-screen)
Evan Ear sliced off/throat sliced with knife Saw-Tooth Found dead in truck
Francine Barbed wire wrapped around mouth
Scott Shot twice in back/once more through back with arrows
Carly Decapitated at jawline with axe Three Finger
Trooper John Bartley Shot through eye with arrow Saw-Tooth
One-Eye Run over with tow truck, blown up in cabin explosion Chris Flynn
Saw-Tooth Shoulder burned, stomach impaled with tire iron, back of neck shot with arrow, blown up in cabin explosion Chris Flynn and Jessie Burlingame
Three Finger Choked with chains, chest hacked with axe, blown up in cabin explosion Survived
Trooper L. Solomon Hacked up with axe Three Finger Screen fades black

Wrong Turn 2:Dead End (2007)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Kimberly Caldwell Bottom lip bitten off, cut in two with axe Brother and Three Finger
Neil Throat slit/scalped with knife Three Finger Shown on monitor
Mara Stone Axe thrown into head Pa
Elena Garcia Back slashed/flayed 18 times with machete/scalped (off-screen) Sister
Three Finger Stomach impaled with knife, stomach shot with shotgun, fell into lake Colonel Dale Murphy Survived
Old Man/Maynard J. Odets Blown up by stick of dynamite
Amber Williams Hung upside down from tree by snare, shot through back of head/out of face with arrow Brother Double kill
Matt "Jonesy" Jones Arm slashed with axe, hung upside down from tree by snare, shot through eye with arrow
Michael "M" Epstein Impaled to RV wall with arrow through shoulder, throat hacked twice/decapitated with cleaver Pa and Ma Shown on monitor
Brother Shot in back/blown up by stick of dynamite on arrow Colonel Dale Murphy Double kill
Sister Blown up by stick of dynamite on arrow
Colonel Dale Murphy Shot through back/stomach with arrows, throat slit by thrown razor wire bolas Pa and Ma
Pa Neck bitten off, arm torn off/knocked into tree de-barker by log Jake Washington and Nina Papas Double kill
Ma Face bashed against log, knocked into tree de-barker by log Nina Papas
Chris Killed Three Finger Clothes were seen

Wrong Turn 3:Left for Dead (2009)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Sophie Shot through back/out of breast/through back of head/out of eye with arrows Three Finger
Trey Shot through shoulder with arrow, impaled through mouth with wooden stick
Brent Shot through hand with arrow, sliced into 3 by wires Three Finger and 3 Slicer Trap
Officer Preslow Knife thrown into neck Three Finger
Officer Walter Bus rammed down road with tow-truck/leg broken, face hit with butt of shotgun, forehead shot with handgun Three Finger and Carlo Chavez
Three-Toes Shot in chest with handgun, beheaded with knife Carlo Chavez and Floyd
Marshal William "Willy" Juarez Face sliced off by swinging scythe Scythe Trap
Crawford Caught in razor wire net/dragged alongside road with tow-truck Three Finger
Sheriff Calvin Carver Wooden stick dropped through mouth
Floyd Set on fire by molotov cocktail
Deputy Ally Lane Caught in razor wire net (off-screen)/blood loss
Carlo Chavez Arm sliced/back impaled/both wrist/hand sliced/stomach impaled/back impaled with hook/hung on tree, top of head ripped open with axe
Three Finger Impaled through jaw/out of head with hook, immolated in tow-truck explosion Officer Nate Wilson
Nate Wilson Shot in back with arrow Brandon
Brandon Head bludgeoned with mace A Cannibal Screen fades black

Wrong Turn 4:Bloody Beginnings (2011)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Charlie Neck bitten off, eye impaled with hairpin, nose bitten off The Cannibals
Doctor Ann Marie McQuaid Head electrocuted 3 times by shock therapy Three Finger
Doctor Brendan Ryan Slowly dismembered by barbed wire attached to chains
Porter Killed, decapitated/dismembered with chopping knife The Cannibals Found dead
Vincent Impaled through nose/out of head with needle Saw-Tooth
Claire Lifted/neck torn/decapitated with barbed-wire The Cannibals
Daniel Chest/arm/leg flayed/hip cut open with kitchen knife, liver torn out with tongs, eaten alive
Kyle Tongue cut out (off-screen), back impaled repeatedly with 4 knives The Cannibals, Sara, Kenia Perrin, Bridget​​, and Jenna Accident
Jenna Impaled through back with large drill Saw-Tooth
Bridget​​ Gored with tires of the snowmobile One-Eye
Lauren Frozen alive in snow N/A Off-screen
Kenia Perrin Decapitated by barbed wire fence while driving snowmobile Accident, double kill
Sara Decapitated by barbed wire fence while riding snowmobile

Wrong Turn 5:Bloodlines (2012)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Kaleen Webber Finger cut off with machete, gutted/hand cut off with axe Three Finger and Maynard J. Odets
Deputy Kevin Biggs Shot through hand into leg/other leg shot with arrows, ears cut off/head impaled with knife The Cannibals
M. Johnson Hands tied up with rope/lifted up to transformer/electrocuted
Cruz Gutted with knife Three Finger
Gus Legs broken with 3 sledgehammers, run over with tow-truck The Cannibals
Billy Brolin Hit in face with shovel, decapitated with snow blower Saw-Tooth and Three Finger
Julian Hit in face with butt of shotgun, hacked apart with snow blower One-Eye and Three Finger
Mose Trapped in barrel, immolated in store explosion The Cannibals
Jason Carter Gagged/hands tied to steering wheel with tape, gutted by knife, jeep rammed with tow-truck Sheriff Angela Carter and Three Finger Accident
Sheriff Angela Carter Strung up, tied up/gagged with tape, feet burned head shot by shotgun Maynard J. Odets and Herself Coerced
Lita Eyes gouged out with knife, unknown, possibly killed Maynard J. Odets and the Cannibals Off-screen

Wrong Turn 6:Last Resort (2014)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Nick Arm cut with axe while riding bike (off-screen), shot through back of head/out of cheek with arrow Saw-Tooth and Three Finger
Daria Eyes/head penetrated by barbed-wire while riding bike/lifted, beheaded with machete The Cannibals
Agnes Fields Impaled to wall with axe thrown through chest, neck snapped Saw-Tooth and Jackson Hilliker
Sheriff Doucette Shot in stomach/through back of neck/out of mouth with arrows Three Finger
Jillian Leg broken/other leg ripped off, throat slit with machete The Cannibals
Bryan Head bashed with statue, smothered with pillow One-Eye and Sally Hilliker
Vic Throat slit/gutted with machete Three Finger
Charlie 3 fingers sliced off with knife, fire hose rammed up rear/stomach filled with water/exploded One-Eye and Three Finger
Rod Leg caught in bear trap/dragged, head hacked with machete Saw-Tooth and Three Finger
Jackson Hilliker Face bashed 14 times with keyring Toni
Toni Back of head impaled with mattock Three Finger


  • Chronologically, the events started from the fourth film to the sixth film, then ending it with the first three films.
    • Three Finger is the only cannibal to last longer then the others, starting from the fourth film and dying in the third film.
    • The second film revealed that the cannibals got mutated from the water that got polluted by chemical waste.
      • In the fourth film, Doctor Ryan studied that Saw-Tooth, One-Eye and Three Finger can sustain injury and not feel it from being exposed to the chemical waste.
    • The baby Ma and Pa had in the second film was being taken care of by Three Finger only to be killed in the third film.
    • In the fifth film, Maynard J. Odets took care of the three cannibals before he was killed in the second film.
    • Saw-Tooth and One-Eye, from the last three films, were killed in the first film.
    • In the sixth film, Danny is revealed to be related to the cannibals, as a Hilliker, as well as being the brother of Sally and Jackson.
      • This also explains the unknown cannibal that killed Brandon in the third film as many other cannibals were shown in the sixth film.
  • In the second film, Dale Murphy used to be a U.S. Marine.
  • In the third film, each convict were charged for their crimes.
    • Crawford - a car thief
    • Floyd - a neo-Nazi serial killer
    • Brandon - wrongly convicted of murder
    • Chavez - leader of a crime organization
    • Willy - an undercover U.S. marshal who is posing as a prisoner in order to get information from Chavez
  • Besides the cannibals in the second film, each of the cannibals have names that matched their physical traits.
    • Three Finger - was missing three fingers and the doctors thought he ate them
    • One-Eye - toke out his eye and ate it in front of a nurse
    • Saw-Tooth - bite several orderlies
    • Three-Toes - had three toes
  • There were a few deaths that weren't a typical murder spree.
    • While driving a snowmobile, Kenia and Sara got beheaded when they drove into a barbed-wire fence.
    • Sheriff Angela didn't see her husband, Jason, got a knife inserted into his stomach until it was too late when she opened the jeep's door that lead to him being gutted.
    • When her feet was being burned, Sheriff Angela was forced to have her head shot by the shotgun Maynard set up.

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