The list consists the deaths occurred in Valentine.

Valentine (2001)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Shelley Fisher Throat slit with kitchen knife Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton
Lily Voight Shot 3 times through stomach with arrows, fell over 5th floor stairway/lands in dumpster
Gary Taylor Head bludgeoned/pressed against face/head bludgeoned twice more with hot iron
Campbell Morris Back hacked with axe
Milly Stomach impaled with kitchen knife Off-screen
Ruthie Walker Thrown through shower glass door, impaled through throat by broken glass shard
Paige Prescott Arm impaled with electric drill through lid, electric drill thrown into hot tub/electrocuted
Detective Leon Vaughn Decapitated Head found in pond
Dorothy Wheeler Thrown down stairs, chest shot 7 times with handgun Framed


  • The massacre started when Jeremy was falsely accused of the assault on Dorothy which got him sent to a reform school. Thirteen years later, he gone through plastic surgery and gone under his new persona, Adam Carr.
    • On his road to revenge, Jeremy wore a Cupid mask to conceal his new identity.
    • During his childhood, when a group of bullies poured a bowl of punch on him, he suffered a nosebleed. This happened throughout the movie that identifies him as the Cupid killer when killing people or feeling emotional stress.
    • Adam became a recovering alcoholic.
  • When arguing, Dorothy made epithet names that represent her and her friends' social school status.
    • Kate - The Popular One
    • Shelley - The Brainy One
    • Lily - The Fun One
    • Paige - The Sexy One
    • Dorothy - The Big Fat One
  • When Jeremy ask each girl for a dance, they each state a mean comment right after he asks them that foreshadows their deaths.
    • Shelley
      • "In your dreams, loser."
      • Dies lying down in a sleeping position.
    • Lily
      • "Eww!"
      • Receives maggots in a chocolate box and her body lands in a dumpster.
    • Paige
      • "I'd rather be boiled alive."
      • Gets thrown into a hot tub and is later electrocuted.
    • Dorothy
      • "He attacked me!" Makes everyone believe she was "attacked" by Jeremy after being caught kissing him behind the bleachers.
      • Jeremy/Adam makes everyone believe that all the killings were Dorothy's doing.
    • Kate
      • "Maybe later, Jeremy."
      • Jeremy/Adam lets Kate live since she is the only girl that did not insult him and wasn't mean to him. She does eventually dance with Adam and have a relationship with him.

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