Officer Tom Hansen
Background Information
Films Crash (2004)
TV Shows
Video Games
Character Information
Full Name Officer Tom Hansen
Species Human
Race Human
Gender Male
Alias/Nicknames Officer Hansen
Occupation Police Officer of the Los Angeles Police Department
Social Ranking
Home Los Angeles, California
Loyalty The Los Angeles Police Department

Officer Tom Hansen is a police officer of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Tom was partnered with Sgt. John Ryan but wanted to request a different after seeing his prejudice against Cameron Thayer and Christine Thayer, who are black, while sexually assaulting the latter under the pretense of administering a frisk, however, his superior officer, Lt. Joe Dixon, thought writing a report about a racist cop who spend 17 years on the force will not only make him a bad manager but will also cost both their jobs, so Dixon suggested that Tom should transfer to a one-man car by justifying a claim he has uncontrollable flatulence, and Hansen reluctantly agrees to do so.

Officer Hansen than got into a car chase with two other officers of a Navigator, however, when the driver stops and gets out, Tom recognizes him as Cameron, who was tired of being pushed around after resisting getting robbed by Anthony and Peter Waters, who drove off while the former got in his car and holding him a gunpoint. As Cameron walked out after putting Anthony's gun in his pocket, all while insulting the officers, Tom steps in before he pulls out the gun and convinces him to stop aggravating the situation and to go home. Hansen vouches for Cameron, fending off the other officers, and promising to give him a "harsh" warning.

Later at night, while Tom was off-duty, he picked up Peter who was hitchhiking. During the ride, Peter sees that Hansen has a small statuette of Saint Christopher like his own. He begins to laugh as he realizes that they have so much in common, but Hansen thinks that he is being laughed at. Hansen pulls over and tells Peter to get out if he wants to be "funny". Peter moves to pull the statuette out of his pocket in explanation, but Hansen believes he is pulling out a gun and mistakenly shoots him. Realizing what he's done upon seeing the statue in his hand, Tom dumps the body in the bush beside a road and then torches his own car.

What Tom didn't know, Peter's brother, Graham Waters, happens to be a detective of the police department who promises his mother to find who is responsible.

In 2011, Officer Tom Hansen became a target of the Anti-Hunters, along with a few others, in his involvement with Graham's trial of forgiveness. Although, in spite of Waters' attempts to save him, Tom ended up dead.



Physical Appearance


Sgt. John Ryan

Lt. Joe Dixon

Officer Hill and Officer Stone

Peter Waters

Detective Graham Waters

Louise Waters

Known Victims


Peter Waters - Tom mistakenly believes Peter is pulling out a gun and shoots him in the stomach with his handgun but it turns out to be a small statuette of Saint Christopher after seeing he has one too.





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