The list consists the deaths occurred in the Stepfather film series.

The Stepfather (1987)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Vicki Killed Jerry Blake/Henry Morrison/Bill Hodgkins/The Stepfather Seen dead
Male Relative
Female Relative
Doctor A. Bondurant Beaten 13 times with wooden board
Detective Jim Ogilvie Stomach impaled/gutted with kitchen knife
Jerry Blake/Henry Morrison/Bill Hodgkins/The Stepfather Arm impaled with mirror glass shard, back/leg shot with revolver, chest impaled with kitchen knife Stephanie Maine and Susan Maine Survived

Stepfather II (1989)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Doctor Joseph Danvers Back of neck impaled with needle Jerry Blake/Gene F. Clifford/The Stepfather
Ralph "Smitty" Smith Head bludgeoned twice with nightstick
Phil Grayland Impaled 5 times with broken bottle
Matty Crimmins Strangled with bathrobe fabric belt/hung from ceiling
Jerry Blake/Gene F. Clifford/The Stepfather Hand impaled to table with carving fork, chest impaled with kitchen knife, hammer claw driven into chest Carol Grayland and Todd Grayland Survived

Stepfather III (1992)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Plastic Surgeon Throat slit with bone saw The Stepfather/Keith Grant
Mark Wraynal Leg broken/face hit 3 times with shovel, buried in garden
Mr. Thompson Chest/throat impaled with rake
Father Ernest Thomas Brennan Face beaten 8 times against steering wheel
The Stepfather/Keith Grant Knocked into wood chipper/hacked to bits Andy Davis and Christine Davis

The Stepfather (2009)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Two Bennett Sons Impaled with kitchen knives, head bludgeoned with hammer/meat Grady Edwards/David Harris/Chris Ames Seen dead
Mrs. Bennett
Lisa Bennett
Mrs. Cutter Thrown down stairs, nose pinched/suffocated
Jay M. Harding Vase smashed against head, gagged with tape, suffocated with plastic bag
Jackie Kerns Drowned in pool


  • Jim Ogilvie, in the first film, was the brother of a sister that Jerry killed in the intro.
  • Where Jerry took the name Gene F. Clifford, in the second film, Matty found a letter addressed to the real Gene Clifford, which includes of a photo of him being African American.
  • In the second film, Jerry/Gene planned to marry Carol but foiled when she noticed something that wasn't normal.
    • Carol recognizes bottles of wine sent by Matty's parents as the same brand Gene had the other night.
    • Carol overhears Todd whistling "Camptown Races", which he says Gene taught him.
      • Carol had suspension on it when Matty's blind neighbor, Sam Watkins, hears it from Gene from Matty's yard
  • In the third film, Father Brennan's funeral was held of Father's Day when Keith made his death look like an accident.
  • In the third film, Andy is a full-time wheelchair user due to psychosomatic ailments but overcomes it near the end.
  • In the second film, Carol Grayland held a real estate job position that used to be Gene's when he was still Jerry Blake in the first film.
  • In all four films, the Stepfather uses fake identities with job intentions.
    • Jerry Blake - real estate agent
    • Doctor Gene F. Clifford - family psychiatrist
    • Keith Grant - plant nursery
    • David Harris - real estate agent

Villains/Killers Identities

Victims Identities

The Stepfather (Original)

Stepfather II

Stepfather III

The Stepfather (Remake)

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