The list consists the deaths occurred in remake franchise of the The Hills Have Eyes.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Scientist Impaled through back of head/out of face with pickaxe Pluto
Man Impaled/hacked up with pickaxe Off-screen
Scientist Impaled through with pickaxe/slammed 7 times against rocks
Scientist Leg impaled with pickaxe/impaled through back (off-screen)
Beauty Carter Cut open, leg torn off Goggle Found dead, dog
Jeb Head blown off with shotgun Himself Suicide
Bob Carter Head bashed once against car windshield/3 times against car windows in car, set on fire Papa Jupiter
Lynn Carter-Bukowski Shot in head with .357 magnum in trailer Lizard
Goggle Throat torn out, arm torn off (off-screen) Beast Carter
Ethel Carter Shot in stomach with .357 magnum in trailer/bled out Lizard
Pluto Arm bitten, stomach impaled with broken baseball bat, foot pinned to floor with screwdriver, impaled through back of throat with flagpole, head hacked with axe Beast Carter and Doug Bukowski
Cyst Knee/back hacked with axe/eye impaled with pick end of axe Doug Bukowski
Big Brain Mauled Beast Carter Off-screen, screams were heard
Lizard Head bludgeoned once/face hit 6 times/stomach/throat/shoulder shot with shotgun, knocked off cliff Doug Bukowski and Ruby
Ruby Fell off cliff Herself Sacrificed
Papa Jupiter Shot in chest/arm with handgun, incinerated in trailer explosion/impaled through back by shrapnel, forehead impaled with pickaxe Bobby Carter and Brenda Carter

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mutant Baby Stillbirth Natural Causes
Pregnant Woman Head bludgeoned with rock Papa Hades
Doctor Han Ripped in half Letch Off-screen
Doctor Paul Foster Head hacked with axe
Doctor Wilson Cut repeatedly with cleaver (off-screen)/pathogen infection through open wounds Stabber
Private Mickey Elrod Pulled into bolt-hole/leg broken, butchered (off-screen)
Sergeant Jeffrey Millstone Shot 4 times in chest with assault rifle Corporal "Spitter" Cole Accident
Corporal "Spitter" Cole Back impaled with pickaxe, fell off cliff Letch
Colonel Lincoln Redding Impaled through back with spear/thrown off cliff, head shot with handgun Letch and Himself Suicide
Stabber Shot 3 times in chest/shoulder/stomach once with assault rifles Private David "Napoleon" Napoli, Private "Crank" Medina, Private Delmar Reed, and Private "Stump" Locke
Private "Stump" Locke Arm sliced off with cleaver, fell of cliff Letch
Chameleon Tongue bitten off, back shot with assault rifle, eye gouged out, head bashed 7 times with rock Private "Missy" Martinez, Private Amber Johnson, and Private David "Napoleon" Napoli
Grabber Shot in chest once/stomach twice with assault rifle Private "Crank" Medina
Private Delmar Reed Shot in shoulder/chest with assault rifle/bled out Grabber
Private "Crank" Medina Triggered crate of dynamite/incinerated in explosion Himself Accident
Letch Ankle sliced/impaled through neck with bayonet, chest impaled 5 times with bayonet-equipped rifle Private David "Napoleon" Napoli and Private Amber Johnson
Papa Hades Shot in head with assault rifle, impaled through back with spear, arm pinned to ground with pick end of axe, groin hit 3 times with sledgehammer, mouth impaled with bayonet-equipped rifle Private Amber Johnson, Private "Missy" Martinez, and Private David "Napoleon" Napoli


  • The two films are remakes of the originals.
  • It started when the government tested nuclear weapons, the minors refused to leave and the bomb destroyed their. The minors suffered from genetic mutations that physically altered them.
  • The mutants harassing their victims led to some accidents.
    • When Letch was toying with the soldiers, Sergeant Jeffrey Millstone got caught in Corporal "Spitter" Cole's friendly fire.
    • When Private "Crank" Medina attempts to take a crate full of dynamite, he accidentally sets off the trap that triggers the explosion.

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The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes 2

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