Mr. Greene
Background Information
Films Norm of the North (2016)
TV Shows
Video Games
Character Information
Full Name Mr. Greene
Species Human
Race Human
Gender Male
Alias/Nicknames Greene
Mr. Greed
Slightly Creepy One-Note Villain
M. Greene
Occupation CEO of Greene Homes
Real Estate Developer
Social Ranking
Home New York City, New York
Allies/Friends Councilwoman Klubeck
Minions Vera Brightly (formerly)
Enemies Norm
Norm's Grandfather
The Lemmings
Vera Brightly
Olympia Brightly
The People of New York

Mr. Greene is the CEO of Greene Homes. Mr. Greene had plans to build condos in the arctic, when Norm's grandfather, the king of the arctic, had suspicions but was captured by him, possibly to use his gift to talk to humans to help him with his business, thus making everyone at the Arctic believe he left. When Norm came to New York City to know why the condos are being build, Mr. Greene thought he was here to take him out, however, he decided to use him for his business.

Mr. Greene had approve of the Polar Council to build the condos, however, Councilwoman Klubeck approved of this before its official, even though most of the council were aware that it would have terrible effects on the environment. Mr. Greene than wanted to get rid of Norm and his grandfather to avoid mishaps but they managed to escape and sink the condos to the bottom of the ocean.

Also, what Mr. Greene didn't know, that Norm and his three lemming friends stole his flash drive with the recording of his and Klubeck's conversation. When handed to Pablo and the investors, they send it to the entire globe, not only he and Klubeck are under investigation for bribery charges, Mr. Greene became hated by the people of New York City.


Official Bio

Mr. Greene is a skinny new age executive turned guru with long charcoal hair. He is owner and creator of Greene Homes, a high- class real estate development company that builds homes in distressed areas. Greene’s moral compass is extremely broken – caring more about personal profits than how his actions affect those around him.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Greene portrays as a skinny hippy.

He has brown eyes.

He's bald on the top but has long hair in a ponytail on the back of his head and a beard.

He also wears glasses.





The Lemmings

Vera Brightly

Olympia Brightly

New York City



  • His name is a play on "green" and it also means "money", one of the former word's definition.
    • It also reflects on the color of his logo and his greedy personality.
  • He has a Skype account.
  • His logo of Greene Homes has his face and its color is green.
    • It's also on his cell phone cover and some flash drives.

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