Mel Spankenheimer
Background Information
Films Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
TV Shows
Video Games
Character Information
Full Name Mel Spankenheimer
Species Human
Race Human
Gender Female
Alias/Nicknames Greedy Money Grubber
Cousin Mel
Social Ranking
Home Cityville
Allies/Friends Austin Bucks
I.M. Slime
Minions I.M. Slime
Enemies Jake Spankenheimer
Grandma Spankenheimer
Grandpa Spankenheimer
Santa Claus
Daphne Spankenheimer
Mr. Spankenheimer
Mrs. Spankenheimer
Relationships Jake Spankenheimer and Daphne Spankenheimer (cousins)
Mr. Spankenheimer (uncle)
Mrs. Spankenheimer (aunt)
Grandma Spankenheimer (grandmother)
Grandpa Spankenheimer (grandfather)
Unnamed Parents

Mel Spankenheimer is a gold digger who attempts to get Grandma Spankenheimer to sell her store, she wears too much jewelry and beats Grandpa at cards.

Mel wanted to sell the store to Austin Bucks, the wealthiest man in the town of Cityville, but Grandma refuses. Mel planned to add a vial to the fruit cake badder, so people will stop coming, forcing Grandma to sell, however, the scent attracted Santa's reindeer where Grandma was run over by his sleigh. After her disappearance, Mel hid a letter from Santa for about one year to keep her family and the rest of the town in the dark about it. Mel than tricked Grandpa into signing power of attorney to her. When Jake and Santa brought Grandma, Mel and her lawyer, I.M. Slime, kidnapped her thus making Santa the fall guy in a lawsuit for all his money. However, with the help of Jake, she was exposed and confessed in court during Santa's trial, arrested for obstructing justice and almost ruining Christmas.

Mel is the cousin of Jake and Daphne Spankenheimer, granddaughter of Grandpa and Grandma Spankenheimer, and the niece of Mr. and Mrs. Spankenheimer.

After her lawyer got to issue a parole upon her release, she became the Anti-Hunters' first victims and Wolf Shadow Hunter's first personal victim.



Mel is a very greedy, selfish, and uncaring woman. She's a gold digger who obviously wants nothing more than money. Mel wanted to get rich by convincing Grandma to sell her store but she refuses. Mel not only loves money, she loves jewels, sports cars, and cruises. Mel would go to great lengths to get what she wants, ranging from sabotaging Grandma's fruitcake to making Santa the fall guy for Grandma's disappearance.

Mel doesn't care about the well-being of her family. She'd showed no sympathy when the family was distraught over Grandma's disappearance, tricking Grandpa into signing power of attorney to her so she can sell the store, and kidnapping Grandma while she had amnesia. In court during Santa's trail, when she confess to her crimes she added that she "deserves to be rich", showing that she wouldn't even share any of her money with her family.

Mel is deceptive, tricky her family and town for a year ever since Grandma disappeared. She would appear nice and generous just to fool others, even tricking everyone into believing Santa is responsible for Grandma's disappearance.

Mel hates Christmas, in court, she openly admitted she hates the feelings of it, such as caring and sharing, believing money is something that "enough is never enough".

Physical Appearance

Mel is trim, beautiful, Caucasian woman with a hour glass figure and has shoulder-length red hair.

Her lips are pink and has light-blue eye shadow.

Also, she has a small birthmark under her left eye.

She wears a golden necklace.


Jake Spankenheimer

Grandma Spankenheimer

Grandpa Spankenheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Grandpa Spankenheimer

Daphne Spankenheimer





  • She bears an odd resemblance to Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo.

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