The list consists the deaths occurred in May.

May (2002)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Lupe Hit by thrown clay ashtray, fur cut off (off-screen) May Dove Canady Cat
Blank Impaled through hands into head with scissors, arms cut off (off-screen)
Polly Throat slit with 2 scalpels, neck cut off (off-screen)
Ambrosia Head impaled with 2 scalpels, legs cut off (off-screen)
Hoop Neck impaled with scalpel, ears cut off (off-screen)
Adam Stubbs Stomach impaled with scalpel, hands cut off (off-screen)


  • May was suffered and traumatized by a troubled childhood due to her lazy eye.
  • At the end of the film, May designed herself a "new friend", Amy, a Frankenstein-esque life-sized rag doll made from the parts of her victims that she admires.
    • Lupe - the cat's fur to substitute Amy's hair
    • Blank - his arms and his tattoo
    • Polly - her neck
    • Ambrosia - her legs
    • Hoop - her ears
    • Adam Stubbs - his hands
  • Their were motives that had May for committing the murders:
    • Lupe - Won't come near May
    • Blank - Called May a freak
    • Polly - Left May for a another girl
    • Ambrosia - Called her a freak, and makes derisive comments about May and Polly's previous relationship
    • Adam Stubbs - Left May for another girl
    • Hoop - Called May a loony

Villains/Killers Identities

Victims Identities

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