The list consists the deaths occurred in the Leprechaun film series.

Leprechaun (1993)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mrs. O'Grady Pushed down stairs/neck snapped Lubdan/Leprechaun
Joe Leg bitten, chest stomped repeatedly with pogo stick
Deputy Tripet Clawed in face, neck snapped
Daniel "Dan" O'Grady Mauled, mangled Off-screen
Lubdan/Leprechaun Melted via four-leaf clover hurled into mouth with slingshot, head hit with butt of shotgun/knocked down well, gasoline poured/lit by match/blown up Alex Murphy and Nathan Murphy

Leprechaun 2 (1994)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
William O'Day Lifted/neck snapped/dropped by magical collar Lubdan/Leprechaun
Ian Tricked into putting face into spinning lawnmower blades via magic
Waiter Hands pinned to counter with forks, face scalded with coffee steamer
Mortimer "Morty" Ingalls Pot of gold materialized into stomach, stomach ripped open
Security Guard Run down twice with go-kart
Lubdan/Leprechaun Chest impaled with wrought iron bar/blown up Cody Ingalls

Leprechaun 3 (1995)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Gupta Ear/toe bitten off, arm shot by arrow via magic, beaten with shillelagh/baseball bat, strangled with phone cord Lubdan/Leprechaun
Mitch Electrocuted by robot
Arthur Beaten with shillelagh
Tony Eye gouged out/beaten with shillelagh
Loretta Breast/lips/rear inflated via magic/exploded
Morgue Attendant Chest impaled with multiple medical tools Found dead
Fazio Trapped in box, cut in half with chainsaw
Lubdan/Leprechaun Gold burned with flamethrower/incinerated Scott McCoy

Leprechaun 4:In Space (1997)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Private Lucky Hacked to bits with lightsaber Lubdan/Leprechaun
Private Kowalski Burst out of groin
Private Mooch Stripped to skeleton by flesh-eating bacteria
Private Danny Crushed under metal box
Private Delores Costello Pushed off catwalk
Harold Head crushed flat against wall by flying tray via magic
Master Sergeant Metal Head Hooker Electrocuted/short circuited through bayonet by control panel Doctor Tina Reeves
Doctor "Mittenspider" Mittenhand Transformed into spider-like monster, frozen with liquid nitrogen, blown apart by laser fire Lubdan/Leprechaun and Doctor Tina Reeves
Lubdan/Leprechaun Ejected into space/exploded Sergeant Books Malloy

Leprechaun:In the Hood (2000)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Slug Throat impaled with afro pick Lubdan/Leprechaun
Bartender Electrocuted through microphone stand
Jackie Dee Slammed 7 times against car by spectral woman Off-screen
Chow Yung Pi Strangled, ripped to pieces
Fontaine Rivera Mauled
Bodyguard Heart blown up via magic
Reverend Hanson Hand through back/out of stomach
Stray Bullet Forced to shoot through jaw with handgun via magic Off-screen
Girl Unknown
Butch Shot 3 times in chest with handgun Mack Daddy O'Nasses
Mack Daddy O'Nasses Finger ripped off, chest shot 3 times with handgun, insides blown up via magic Lubdan/Leprechaun and Postmaster P. Smith

Leprechaun:Back 2 tha Hood (2003)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Knight Swarmed/mauled Leg're Ghaun/Leprechauns
King Old age/sickness N/A
Father Jacob Heart attack
Stoner Impaled through chest with bong Lubdan/Leprechaun
Doria Neck snapped
Lisa Duncan Clawed in stomach
Chanel Gold tooth ripped out, mandible ripped out Off-screen
Officer Thompson Stomach impaled with flashlight
Officer Whitaker Leg ripped off/blood loss
Watson Heart ripped out
Cedric Clawed in throat
Esmerelda Killed Off-screen


  • All of them are Saint Patrick's Day movie specials.
    • However, the second film is the only film that featured the holiday itself.
  • Each film features a motive for the Leprechaun to pursuit and kill anyone who interfere:
    • Getting back his pot of gold or anything valuable.
    • Getting a bride to marry.
  • In the first three films, the Leprechaun's weakness was used on him:
    • First film - four-leaf clover
    • Second film - wrought iron
    • Third film - destroying his pot of gold
  • In all six films, the Leprechaun becomes near powerless when his pot of gold is missing or stolen.
  • In the second film, the Leprechaun was trapped in a wrought safe and was forced to grant three wishes to whoever traps him, but twists the wishes to the loss of the person who makes them.
    • Morty Ingalls had done that and ended up in his death.
  • In the third film, its shown that people can change into were-leprechauns by mixing human blood with leprechaun blood.
    • Scott McCoy was the only person who got it and, during the course of the film, he displayed the side-effects of his change, such as green blood, speckled and wrinkled skin (similar to the Leprechaun's), potato cravings, the need to rhyme and speak in an Irish accent, magical ability development, and hair growth.
  • In the fifth film, a magical medallion was around his neck, thus turning him into stone.
  • In the fifth film, the Leprechaun was on a killing spree to get back his stolen magic flute, making this the only film where it doesn't feature the Leprechaun getting his gold back or getting a bride.
  • In the sixth film, the Leprechaun was one of the many hired by a king in the past to protect his gold and kill who ever touched it. When the king passed away, the Leprechauns returned to their places of origin, all except one, who through the ages, slowly became corrupted and obsessed with the gold he still guarded.

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