Genetic Mutation is a direct result of some form of either induced evolution or natural selection manifested when mental and bodily adaptations take place.


The genetic mutation will result in mutating and altering people's DNA, their chromosomes, genes and their genetic code structure.

Types of Species

The mutation will result in mutating species that have been identify into different species of mutants, such as:



Mutation often acts as a virus, but not like they kill or make people sick, they act as a virus that gives people superpowers through various means. Some may get it through transfusion, but some may get it by getting exposed to radiation.


When going through mutation, their physical and mental capabilities will be enhanced above their normal limits. This will also have an affect of their emotional and spiritual capabilities.


When people will have a sexual relationship with a mutant, they will be infected through sexual intercourse and/or anal sex. The only way to prevent this is to wear condoms/femidoms, kinda like preventing to get an STD.


People also get superpowers when given a injection that invades into the bloodstream and works it way into the body.

Cosmic Radiation

People will get mutated from the start by being exposed to cosmic radiation.

Types of Enhancements


When being mutated, they will have various enhancements that depends on how they were affected by the mutation.

Superhuman Physiology

When exposed to the mutation, they become superhuman beings with powers that extends beyond their normal limits.

Science Attuned Physiology

When getting a mutation through an injection, their physiology are altered and powered.

Enhancement Names

  • Superhuman/Meta-Human/Mutant Physiology
  • Science Attuned/Science Altered/Enhanced/Experimented Physiology

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