Dr.Kuroi Karasu
Background Information
TV Shows
Video Games
Character Information
Full Name
Personality Mysterious, quiet, despaired, loyal
Appearance Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Member of Anti-Hunters, Surgeon
Social Ranking Surgeon
Allies/Friends Wolf Shadow Hunter, Fox Silent, Stealth Cat, Aiming Bird, Long Arm Strong, Bluey Artist, Shiny Sharp, Slither Reaper
Enemies Anyone he's hired to kidnapped
Likes Serving Wolf Shadow Hunter
Dislikes His life ruined, anyone finding out his identity
Loyalty Wolf Shadow Hunter
Powers/Abilities Expert Surgeon
Master Stealth
Weapons Scalpel, chloroform

Dr.Kuroi Karasu is one of the mysterious member of Anti-Hunters who never gets his identity revealed. He is a surgeon who kidnaps people who his leader tells him to kidnap.


Not know much about. Dr.Kuroi is a mysterious animal who never gets spotted, he's very quiet and very loyal to Shadow Hunter who always follow his orders. In his early life, his life was full of despair for what he done. Despite this hopeless attitude, he seems to like serving Shadow Hunter. He doesn't kills like the rest of the members, he kidnaps people that he is hired to do, puts them in various locations full of Shadow Hunter's traps, tortures them, then lets either the traps, Shadow Hunter to hunt and kill them, or drive them to suicide so he doesn't deliver the final blow.

Appearance & Identity

While most of identity the descriptions of team, people are very concern about the final member of the organization they weren't able to figure out or determine his real identity making him one of the most unidentified member of the team.


Scalpel:Dr.Kuroi Karasu uses this to do surgical operations on his patients for Wolf Shadow Hunter's traps.

Chloroform:Dr.Kuroi Karasu uses this to knock out his targets to get the advantage.

Powers & Abilities

Expert Surgeon:Dr.Kuroi Karasu is very persistent in surgery, to the point he can implant keys into his patients bodies, and sew his patients eyes closed or their mouths shut.

Master Stealth:Dr.Kuroi Karasu is very hard to spot and detect, he is able to sneak up on his targets and knocks them out with chloroform.

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