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Welcome to Creative Thoughts WikiEdit

This is about my thoughts I think about someone/something, I'm also very imaginative about what I think. I also have information about what I know and people don't.

Describe your topicEdit

The creative deaths I've made were to express my anger, if I can't say it out of words I might as well wright it out.

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Alpha and OmegaEdit

  • HumphreyGo to Humphrey
  • KateGo to Kate
  • LillyGo to Lilly
  • GarthGo to Garth


  • BluGo to Blu
  • Jewel
  • Baby Macaws
  • RafaelGo to Rafael
  • EvaGo to Eva
  • Toucan KidsGo to Toucan Kids
  • PedroGo to Pedro
  • NicoGo to Nico

Lady and the TrampEdit

  • TrampGo to Tramp
  • LadyGo to Lady
  • ScampGo to Scamp
  • Annette, Danielle and ColletteGo to Annette, Danielle and Collette
  • AngelGo to Angel

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