Chara Dreemurr
Background Information
TV Shows
Video Games Undertale (2015)
Character Information
Full Name Chara Dreemurr
Species Human
Race Human
Gender Unknown
Alias/Nicknames The First Human
The Fallen Human
The First Child
Future of Humans and Monsters
The Demon That Comes When People Call Its Name
Social Ranking
Home The Underground (formerly)
Relationships Asgore Dreemurr (adoptive father)
Toriel (adoptive mother)
Asriel Dreemurr (adoptive brother)

Chara, also known as Chara Dreemurr, after being adopted by Asgore and Toriel, the First Human, or the Fallen Human, is a human who fell into the Underground.

After climbing Mt. Ebott for an "unhappy reason", Chara came across a cave where they tripped on a root and tumbled into the hole where the monsters lived their lives after the war against humans. After falling into the Underground, Chara was found by Asriel, prince of the Underground, and brought them to his parents, royal rulers of the Underground, King Asgore Dreemurr and Queen Toriel, who they take Chara as their second child, treating them with respect equal to their biological son, Asriel, who the two kids became best friends. Also, since being taken in, monsters spoke how Chara filled the Underground with hope.

One day, when Chara and Asriel attempted to bake a pie for their father, Asgore baked it instead because their kids but Asgore didn't know Chara accidentally mixed up cups of butter with buttercups, and the king was poisoned as Chara laughed it off. This event made Chara to come up with a plan to poison themself, so Asriel can absorb their soul and thereby allowing him to pass through the barrier that trapped monsters underground to see the golden flowers found in their home village but in reality, they want to take six human souls from the surface to use to destroy the barrier.

After dying, Asriel absorbed their soul where they share over control over his body. Chara than carried their own body to the surface. Upon reaching the village where Chara had grown up, the humans assume that the fused Asriel had attacked and killed the human child. When Chara was about to use the full power of their fusion and urged Asriel to kill the humans, but Asriel resisted the human child, so they fled. However, the fused Asriel was lethally wounded, he returned to the Underground and died before his parents, in the Royal Garden.

Once Asriel died, Chara died as well which resulted the kingdom to fell into despair of losing their two children. As Asriel's body turns to ashes, which spread across the garden in New Home, upon dying, Chara's body was laid to rest in a coffin in the basement of the castle but as Toriel left Asgore, she carried Chara's body to the Ruins and gave them a proper burial.

Years after the war between humans and monsters, somewhere around in 2010s where Frisk, another human who climbed Mt. Ebott also fell into the Underground, managed to bring hope back to the monsters and convinced Flowey/Asriel to break the barrier, Frisk and the monsters ventured up to the surface, Chara had been revived by the Young Family's murderous bloodlust and hatred towards humanity in 2011.

They are the adoptive child of Asgore Dreemurr and Toriel, and the adoptive sibling of Asriel Dreemurr.


Physical Appearance

Chara wears a lime colored shirt with a cream colored horizontal strip, red-brown shorts and shoes, light brown hair, and rosey cheeks.

As stated by Asriel, Chara looks strikingly similar to Frisk, and as such, has an ambiguous gender, they are kids, and appear around the same age after falling into the Underground. Compared to Frisk, Chara has a lighter skin tone and hair color.



Asgore Dreemurr


Asriel Dreemurr

Powers and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Soul Manipulation:

  • Soul Transferal:

Time Protection:

Indomitable Will:



  • Bloodlust Empowerment:
    • Resurrection:

Knife Proficiency:

Bestowed Abilities

Advanced Condition:

  • Advanced Speed:
    • Flash Step:
  • Advanced Reflexes and Agility:
    • Aim Dodging:
  • Advanced Strength:
  • Advanced Durability:
  • Advanced Endurance:
    • Pain Tolerance:
  • Advanced Stamina:

Former Abilities

Time Reload:

Known Victims