AsrielDreemur Undertale
Asriel Dreemurr
Background Information
TV Shows
Video Games Undertale (2015)
Character Information
Full Name Asriel Dreemurr
Species Boss Monster
Golden Flower (formerly)
Race Monster
Sentimental Flower (formerly)
Gender Male
Alias/Nicknames Flowey
Flowey the Flower
The Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath
Occupation Prince of the Monsters of the Underground (formerly)
Social Ranking
Home The Underground (formerly)
Relationships Asgore Dreemurr (father)
Toriel (mother)
Chara Dreemurr (adoptive sibling)
Loyalty His parents
The Monsters from the Underground
The Young Family

Asriel Dreemurr is a Boss Monster from the Underground beneath Mt. Ebott and was the prince of the monsters.

He's the son of Asgore Dreemurr and Toriel, and the adoptive brother of Chara Dreemurr.


Physical Appearance

Like his parents, Asriel is a Boss Monster who resembles a Nubian goat, he has white fur, long ears, a snout, and visible fangs. Though, unlike them, Asriel lacks horns. He also has a small wisp of fur on his head.

Asriel is kid who appears to around the same age as Chara. After absorbing the souls of all the monsters and the six humans souls when he was Flowey, it shows Asriel's age is the same as Frisk's.

Asriel wears a long-sleeved, green shirt with yellow horizontal strips, and black pants.


Asriel is noticeable for being a compassionate, docile, and loving child. His is kind like his mother and father yet a pushover like his father, he cared for Chara when they fell into the Underground and took them into his family, and he trusted their plan about absorbing their soul after they die when they intentionally poisoned themselves by consuming buttercups. According to the VHS tapes, Asriel wasn't sure about Chara's plan, though, by the dialogue they accused him of crying to which he denied by responding "big kids don't cry" than submissively agreed to go with it to free the monsters, further adding he'd never doubt them. Asriel is also emotional, as when Frisk brought him back to senses, he transformed from his Angel of Death form to his original form crying, admitting he'd always been a crybaby, and again when Frisk hugged him to to give him comfort after breaking the barrier and telling them to leave. From his kindness, Asriel is also capable of forgiveness as he'd willingly saw past Chara's flaws since such defects are what made Chara unique and special to him. This trait extends to the point he accepted the Young Family as his new family, despite all their mischief, heinous, devious, reckless, and especially murderous acts they've done in the past, and even being friends with their associates in spite of all the stuff they've done as well, he is even willing to look past the their acts they are doing now.

When Asriel died and was resurrected by Dr. Alphys as a sentient golden flower known as Flowey, he retained his old memories, though, was brought back without a soul, making him incapable of feeling any emotion, such as love, joy, or compassion. He tried regain his soul and emotions by attempting to live with his father and than with his separated mother, but to no avail. This made him suicidal, as he away and attempted to kill himself, but when he changed his mind at the last minute, he found himself returned to an earlier point in time. He discovered that his determination allowed him to undo and reset time itself, and began to experiment with his new power. At first, he attempted to befriend all of the monsters around him, he soon grew bored with being able to predict people's reactions and turned to violence instead. Being sadistic and resentful, he would kill every monster in the Underground he could find, reset time, and repeat the process over again.

As Flowey, when first met Frisk, he initially operates under a facade of friendliness and politeness. Flowey has a malevolent and cruel disposition, berating Frisk for not following his "kill or be killed" philosophy. He is manipulative, devious, and a cunning planner and subtle if the circumstances require it, as he organizes for every monster in the Underground to gather in Asgore's castle, and uses the opportunity to absorb all their souls and the souls of the six fallen humans. After regaining his true form, he transform again into the God of Hyperdeath, informing Frisk that he does not care about destroying the world anymore, and instead just wants to reset the timeline so that everything unfolds again from the beginning. However, during their battle as he transforms into the Angel of Death, Asriel expresses his true desire, to be able to play with his best friend and sibling for all eternity, no matter who is sacrificed in the process. In the past, when Asriel resist Chara from using his power that resulted in their deaths, blaming himself causes him to be traumatized, believing they are still alive.

After Frisk makes him regain his senses, Asriel apologizes for his actions to Frisk and realizes the gravity of his actions as a flower, to which he admitted the stuff he did as Flowey was "weird".

Asriel lives by the philosophy "don't kill, and don't be killed" and wants to coexist with humans. Upon absorbing Chara's soul and entering the village, they wanted to use Asriel's full power to kill the humans but Asriel resisted, thus resulting in both their deaths. Asriel blamed himself for the entire time for that decision, to where he adopted "kill or be killed" philosophy of the horrible view of the world. It was when he met Frisk that he doesn't regret making that decision anymore, as if he did let Chara used his body to kill the human villagers, he would've let a war between them and his kind. However, in spite of it, the event did still left Asriel mature of the world of how bitter and cruel life can be, and not everything can be resolved by just being nice as well. He even stated there are "a lot of Floweys out there", referencing those who are empty and violent like when he was Flowey.

As Asriel is kind, he is also selfless, as he used the power of the souls from the monsters and six fallen humans to destroy the barrier that's been keeping the monsters trapped in the Underground for years, and returning the souls to the monsters and setting the humans' souls free. Asriel decided to stay in the Underground, without any soul to keep his form and return as Flowey so he would avoid breaking the hearts of his friends and family, knowing full the kingdom fell upon his death, saying it would be best if they never see him again. Asriel also shows humility, as he told Frisk to forget about him and go to the surface with his friends.

Asriel has a strong sense in loyalty towards his family and friends. He first agreed with Chara's plan to go to the surface by absorbing their soul and willingly saw past their personality flaws. This loyalty extends to sever ties with his parents and friends, such as volunteering to stay in the Underground since without any soul to keep his form to avoid hurting them. After regaining his body and personality, Asriel's loyalty remains as he became a member of the Young Family to the point he made the choice on his own so that his presence alone won't have to hurt his parents and friends. Asriel developed a strong bond towards his new family, friends, and their associates to where he will stand by them regardless of all the trouble they caused in the past, even the actions they'll do in the present or the mere future. Asriel will even sacrifice the soul, he was unfairly given to, in exchange for their safety, showing he is fully willing to give up his freedom and compassion for the well-being of his friends. While he's content with severing his ties with his biological family and old friends, he still holds them dearly in high regards.

Asriel was also known to be unadventurous, as evident by one of the VHS tapes that Asriel didn't like Chara's plan. When he was Flowey, as he reset time to befriend all the monsters only to grew bored with being able to predict people's reactions. This is shown again after regaining his compassion from Frisk's help, he could feel their love towards Frisk and admitted monsters are weird of how they love them in spite of barely knowing them. The only time he shown interest was because of Chara's personality flaws, saying their defects made Chara unique and special to him, and again with Frisk, saying their the type of friend he wish he always had. Also, during his fight with Frisk, where he remembered his times with Chara, he started to lose his will to fight which is overcome with fear of dying alone of losing someone that is special to him.

Much like his father, Asriel speaks using southern slang, mostly notably being "howdy", "gosh", and "golly".

Asriel loves flowers, specifically the golden flowers. When Asriel decided to stay in the Underground, he tends to the flowers where Frisk fell on after falling from Mt. Ebott. Also, like his father, Asriel loves Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie that his mom, Toriel, makes.

For many years, as Flowey, Asriel was content staying underground tending to the flowers, however, in years of isolation, Asriel/Flowey was genuinely feeling depressed, it was there Asriel found himself with his body and given back his emotions that he was given a soul from someone that belonged to somebody a few hours ago before the Young Family decided to came to bring him to the surface.

When brought up, Asriel, at first, was unsure he would be let out. He's sensitive and sentimental, feeling wrong about being given a soul that originally belonged to someone else and, even if he wanted to kill a human to take it, that much he's reluctant to admit, he felt he unfairly deserved. Even so, Asriel still feels guilty about what he did when was Flowey, wanting to move on from the past, and becomes awkward, upset, and insecure if anyone brought his past up or the thought of doing it again. Though, he is willing to talk about those close to him, although, he would struggle and be brought to tears when the story gets intense.

After much debate about his new life, his time with his new family and friends has changed him drastically. Asriel developed an adventurous spirit, wanting to explore around the world, even in different dimensions, their culture, different species, and trying out things that are new to him, even the ones that he missed out that already existed in the past, such as rides, food, traditions, sports, music, art, technology, and video games. As such, when he came out to the surface, reluctant at first, he smiled from feeling the cool breeze. Asriel displayed a playful and curious approach to anything that's new to him that he's willing to try, and experience the outcome. He also enjoyed the reactions and expressions humans, animals, and other species they exhibit, finding them quite amusing to him. Though, Asriel isn't without his common sense and sense of caution, being wary and concern of things that are extreme, troublesome, or out of his league to handle. Asriel tends to be timid at times, showing it in dangerous stunts he's in or facing powerful figures, even authorities or authoritative figures. However, this danger tends to make him laugh in times of excitement. Asriel is willing to be boldness and brave in situations to protect the ones he cares, and sticks up for them, even if it means speaking towards powerful and/or authoritative figures. Asriel admits he misses how much went by and wanted to explore everything he missed out, though, he also considers taking it easy yet becomes thrilled in the event.

Still a child, even after being resurrected and been given his body back, Asriel still retains some naïvety, as he spend years in the Underground without anything new happening or knowing about anything, though, he retains some logic and knowledge of understanding laws, rules, restrictions, and the concepts of idioms, but has a hard time figuring out complex subjects, as with science, math equations, and the phenomenon of weather. He does admit he isn't smart enough to figure them out, though, he does know these subjects have a reason to happen and/or an answer to something. Likewise, even after regaining his body and personality, he retains his point of view of how horrible, bitter, corrupt, cruel, and unfair life is and how hard can it be, knowing people, whether they are human or not, will manipulate, cheat, steal, blackmail, bribe, drug, or even use violence, threatening or even lethal, to get what they want or solve their problems. Asriel is also not above assuming anyone is capable of something, regardless of their species or age. Between what would happen if Asriel allow Chara to kill the villagers that will lead a war between the two species, and his parents splitting up after Asgore declared war on humanity, even when he abandons his plans and the monsters set free, shows he has a deep understanding of how life has its ups and downs, whether its friendships, relationships, or even the fundamental ethics of war, society, trades, deals, business, politics, or economics. In spite of it, Asriel retains an optimistic attitude, knowing not everyone is cruel and violent, and almost everyone has a kind heart even though most people don't show it or want to admit it.

Asriel has some pride in his royal heritage and holds the Delta Rune emblem in high regards, although, as based on his personality, he doesn't posses a vain or arrogant attitude that fits bigoted royal. Asriel is quite humble about his royal family, as he stated his parents wouldn't look down on their people, and he also doesn't want be treated different because of it or doing something that's unsuitable for a prince, such as chores, playing with his friends, or bowing down. Asriel thinks highly of the symbol that the Delta Rune represents the Dreemurrs of how it brings hope to the monsters about being free from the Underground, though, he has a rather ambiguous view about the prophecy it holds. Asriel was glad to fulfill the monsters' wish to escape the Underground, although, he has a morbid attitude towards the bleaker outlook his people referred about the "Angel of Death" that brings a harbinger of destruction, feeling he doesn't have the right to be their next ruler since he would've eradicated his own people, even his own family and the humans, if it wasn't for Frisk. Even though he regained his body and personality, Asriel feels he doesn't have what it takes to become their king, rather letting them think he's still dead, or in which case, a murderous flower. After admitting his misgivings, Stinky, Claudette, Runt, who were granted nobility from King Bear, and their parents being leaders of the Western and Eastern Packs, Carla, Bia, Tiago, who's grandfather is the leader of the Blue Macaw Tribe and their father saving the forest from the loggers, Snowdrop, Mallow, and Gilia, who's father is Chief Rabbit of the Watership Down Warren, assures him that he would've make a great king, something that made him smile. Asriel is also aware about the stereotype of royal ethics, of how royals and nobles are arrogant, vain, bigoted, and cruel, abusing their privileges and wealth while looking down on commoners, and seeing themselves far above humanity, something that Asriel holds in disgusts. This doesn't just include humans, but non-humans as well, holding the same view as them and looking down at their own species. This also extends to anyone who abuse their privileges and authority, even if they're not royal or noble, such as law enforcement, military forces, federal agents, leaders, politicians, educators, representatives, or diplomats.

Because of his tragic past, Asriel has sympathies towards anyone who wants to keep their past hidden, and even to where they want to move on from it, whether they caused the incident or witness it themselves. He's also supportive to anyone who wants to correct their mistakes. Additionally, given his experience from his past, his adoptive sibling, Chara, and being as Flowey, Asriel has a deep empathetic understanding towards anyone who went through similar event like he did. Such events include losing a family member or a friend, someone they have a close bond to, even if that someone has defects in their character, something he understands due to being with Chara. Another example of his understanding is towards anyone who will isolate themselves from society to avoid hurting the ones they care about or any innocent people, even sever emotional ties from them, due to their trouble history, impulses, urges, unstable or overwhelming power, or being psychologically, whether mentally or emotionally, unstable, like how Asriel was willingly to stay in the Underground so he won't hurt any of his friends or family when he becomes Flowey again. The most prominent example of Asriel's understanding is towards anyone who had a traumatic experience that left them emotionally scarred, making them distant, cruel, and violent, often having impulses, moodiness, urges, or outbursts, and having a murderous nature, though, Asriel doesn't blame them if they mostly resort to violence or using it as a last resort to solve their problems.

Because of his understanding towards anyone who is willingly to isolate themselves for a good reason, Asriel has a morbid attitude towards anyone who were isolated against their will, whether they were forced or being mislead, into separating themselves from their family and friends with or without the captive's knowing, especially for their relatives and associations. Also, given he and his kind were trapped in the Underground for years, Asriel feels the same way towards anyone who's been locked up, whether they're being imprisoned by science, technology, or even magic. This attitude also extends to anyone be enslaved. Because of this, Asriel highly values freedom, however, he's not above into agreeing anyone should be imprisoned for their malicious acts.

Given his species were forced to live in Underground by the humans out of fear due to their belief they'll absorb their souls, Asriel has a deep empathetic understanding towards anyone who was treated unfairly out of prejudice themselves, whether it is based on their appearance, character, myths, rumors, gender, or species. Additionally, given the humans attacked him when they believed he killed Chara and absorbed their soul, Asriel feels the same way towards anyone when they get into a situation that leads to a misunderstanding. Asriel can understand about how others judge and get treated on stereotypes, even if the said person is being doing something because its part of who they are, a habit, an urge, or even because of what others think of them.

When he was Flowey, an emotionless, sadistic, manipulative, sentient flower who couldn't feel any emotions, Asriel highly values and cherishes individuality. Asriel strongly believes anyone can be themselves, of how they act, express, and think in their own way. Asriel can be amazed by their uniqueness in character, even if they have flaws in their characteristics, something he can see past them given his time with Chara, as their flaws made them special to him. Asriel even admits that his personality has flaws as well, as his kindness is what allowed the humans to kill him and Chara once the two were fused together as the latter wanted to use their power to kill them only for the former to resist. Asriel can understand if someone has a hard time expressing themselves or wants to keep a something they do a secret. Asriel also respects anyone who shows a kind heart but keeps it hidden for their aloof, hardened, cool, or stoic nature, knowing that people can do it, whether it sometimes or rarely happens, and doesn't judge them if they don't show it often or very much. Also, because Flowey didn't have a soul, Asriel empathizes with anyone who's soul is taken or born without one, as they won't be able to feel any emotion and even questioning their existence. Asriel believes someone has the right to have the capacity to feel emotions to let them express how they feel, even if they use extreme verbal or physical responses, or any other methods, whether they are standard or unorthodox. Asriel also understands that emotions can still be expressed even without a soul, and can understand if anyone wants to remove a certain emotion or parts of their personality to better themselves for the sake of their friends and family. Although, it disgusts him if someone's emotions, or even a soul, is removed by any means against the person's will, and while Asriel believes in individualism, he'll become upset if anyone abandons their principals to become a part of something or doing something that disregards the care of others.

Asriel heavily sympathizes, empathizes, and supports anyone who is willing to make a hard decision or had made one in the past, as Asriel made a choice to resist so Chara wouldn't use his power to kill the humans, even though it costed both their lives. Ever since he met Frisk, he doesn't regret making that decision, as he stated people can't regret hard choices their whole life, though, he understands if anyone has a hard time letting it go, knowing its not easy. When it comes to regrets, Asriel understands if they blame themselves for causing something or letting it happen that lead to undesirable outcomes, as when he was resurrected as Flowey, retaining his old memories, before he met Frisk, he blamed himself the entire time for him and Chara's deaths. This lead him to have a ambiguous view towards destiny. Notably the Delta Rune, as he was glad he fulfilled the prophecy of freeing the monsters from the Underground yet was distraught about their bleaker outlook about the "Angel of Death" that almost brought destruction to them. When it comes to it, Asriel believes people should make their own choices and forge their own path, though, he's not above agreeing when making decisions leads to unwanted results. However, Asriel does have a belief in fate, as he believes it was time to move out of the Underground and become part of the Young Family. Asriel knows for a fact that every action has consequences to it. As a child, Asriel understands kids can't make choices for themselves or anyone, though, he stated adults don't make the best decisions themselves either. When it comes to moral decisions, such as life-and-death situations, Asriel understands if there can't be any more options to make, though, he's willing to open to ideas that will lead to more settle and peaceful outcomes, showing how logical and open-minded he is. He also values free will, becoming upset and disgusted if it was somehow taken away, making the person unable to make decisions for themselves and only obeying without much resistance, even making them obedient to serve someone else's personal goals.

There at times, the most prominent example of Asriel's worst fears, is that he has nightmares of becoming Flowey again, and that he will cause death and destruction around him, hurting the ones he holds dear. Asriel found it horrifying that he, when he was Flowey, enjoyed hurting others, becoming distraught and disturbed of his cruel delight in killing anyone, including his old family and friends, while laughing sadistically. Given he was revived without a soul from the start, Asriel considers Flowey as a separate entity, noting that he's afraid that he's still inside of him and stop being able to feel anything for anyone when he becomes Flowey again. It wasn't until his new family and friends assured him he won't be that person again. Even though Asriel was once a sentient golden flower, it didn't affect his love for flowers, including golden flowers.

Due to his mature outlook on life, it made Asriel perceptive and analytical. He would assume anyone would have a far greater purpose than believing what he saw, and deduce they have a more ulterior motive. Though, still a child, Asriel knows not to make quick assumptions until all the facts are together or figuring it out by piecing it together, however, he does admit that something should be explain have a meaning behind it if something was amiss. Asriel can also figure how puzzles work, whether they are logical or not, given the Underground is full of puzzles, and basic equations, and even understanding simple rules that ensures safety and basic instructions. He even figures out what subjects aren't what they seem, such as doing or saying something the opposite. Additionally, in any event, Asriel would let certain developments unfold while forming his own opinions to get a better understanding of the situation.

Because the existence of his kind and their use of magic, Asriel is a believer in the supernatural. He also believes in myths and legends relating to them, such as vampires, werewolves, and mythical beings as well. When it comes to a situation with no clues, Asriel can assume that the supernatural, whether it has something to do with magic, paranormal, spells, or something unnatural.

Ever since being with the Young Family and his friends in his new life, it had a drastic change on his personality. Asriel became quite mischievous, taking part in his family and friends' antics, schemes, and even activities that are considered illegal, going as far as to partake in his friends' pranks and mischief. This also leads him to bring out more of his childish nature, given he never got to do any of it before when he was trapped years ago or when he was Flowey, often running around the house. Asriel is also quite rebellious, often doing something or going somewhere that's considered age appropriate or age restrictions. However, he still retains his common sense, some maturity, and cautious nature, but he goes through with it with them nonetheless. Also, Asriel can be cunning at times, however, Asriel does it in a playful and mischief manner, using his friends' and family's flaws in their personalities against them. Asriel admits that what he's doing is wrong as he has done it when he was Flowey, though, unlike him, Flowey/Asriel did that when he lost his compassion. Asriel assumed that hanging out with the Young Family brought it out, as the family had a history of deceiving others, to which the family's friends and associates agreed since they done it as well. Although, Asriel is not above tricking his enemies by providing false information or misleading them.


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