Amy Canady
Background Information
Films May
TV Shows
Video Games
Character Information
Full Name Amy Canady
Species Living Doll
Race Doll
Gender Genderless
Female (referred)
Social Ranking Living Creation
Home Los Angeles, California
Allies/Friends May Dove Canady
Relationships May Dove Canady (creator)
Loyalty May Dove Canady

Amy Canady is a living doll created by the lonely May Dove Canady to be her best friend. Amy is created by different scraps of fabric and some body parts from May's victims she favored sewed together.

After May passed her test after being captured by the Anti-Hunters, Amy is the source of why May pledged her loyalty because they promise to make their lives better.



Amy is loyal and friendly to May, considering she's the only friend May has, Amy comforts and supports her in a time of need.

Even though is an living doll, Amy does express emotion like any human does.

Physical Appearance

Amy is a Frankenstein-esque, life-sized rag doll made from the selective body parts of May's victims, such as Blank's arms with a his tattoo on the right arm, Polly's neck, Adam's hands, Ambrosia's legs with high-heel boots, Hoop's ears, and Lupe's fur as a substitute for hair. The head and torso are different scraps of fabric stitched together and stuffed.

Amy also has a chest pocket to carry a empty cigarette box called Bilson that May and Adam smoke.

Amy was given eyes from May's old birthday present, a doll name Suzie that was destroyed, however, May realizes she couldn't "see" her so she removed her lazy eye and sewed it as Amy's left eye.



Powers and Abilities

Doll Physiology:Amy is a Frankenstein-esque, life-sized rag doll made from the selective body parts of May's victims, and her head and torso are made from difference scraps of fabric stitched together.

Human Mimicry:It's unknown how Amy came to life but she does show to act human given the fact she's made from the body parts of May's victims. She often serves as May's only friend, treating her like a real person.

Pain Immunity:Because she's a doll and her body parts are stitched from human remains, Amy is completely intolerable to pain.


  • Her name is an anagram to May's name.
  • Her design is based on May's old birthday present, Suzie.
    • Ironically, Suzie is a doll in a glass-encased while Amy is a life-sized one.
    • Also, May was delusional and believed Suzie was talking while Amy is a living doll as May's best friend.
  • It's unknown how Amy came to life in the film.

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