Aiming Bird
Background Information
TV Shows
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Character Information
Full Name
Personality Silent, loyal, caring, calm, arrogant
Appearance Tall, slender, black kimono, black hakama, coolie hat, white shoes
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Member of Anti-Hunters, Serial Killers, Marksman, Scout, Stealth Cat's partner
Social Ranking Assassin, Marksman, Scout
Allies/Friends Wolf Shadow Hunter, Fox Silent, Stealth Cat, Long Arm Strong, Bluey Artist, Shiny Sharp, Slither Reaper, Dr.Kuroi Karasu
Enemies Any one who is a threat to the environment and the animals who were treated badly he knows and sets his sights on
Likes Animals, environment being safe
Dislikes Hunters, poachers, animal scientist, animals killed, threaten, or tortured, any threat to the environment, his team hurt
Loyalty Animals, environment, nature, Wolf Shadow Hunter
Powers/Abilities Superior Marksmanship
Master Stealth
Weapons Handgun, shotgun

Aiming Bird is a famous legendary serial killer who is a skill marksman who possess supernatural powers that he uses to kill humans who are dangerous to animals and its environment. He's the member of the Anti-Hunters who is a human. He's partnered with Stealth Cat.


Aiming Bird is silent and calm person who does his job, he's very loyal to his leader and always follows his orders. At some later when he formed the organization, he became part of team because he nothing much to do, meaning he knows what he's getting himself in to. Aiming Bird uses a handgun, his signature weapon, to kill his prey, he also relays on a shotgun, it was gave by his leader for more fire power, but doesn't like using firearms because animals have a phobia of them and using them violets his own and the team's pride, this shows an arrogant side of him which he takes great affection towards his own abilities, and Wolf Shadow Hunter's antics and actions.


Aiming Bird displays as a tall and slender man who wears a coolie hat which conceals his face, a black kimono and hakama, along with a pair of white shoes.


Handgun:Aiming Bird carries a handgun to shoot his targets with from a distance with great marksmanship, such as a hundred yards.

Shotgun:Aiming Bird also carries a shotgun to shoot his victims with, it used for a bit more "firepower," such as getting desperate, shooting tough or bigger prey by blowing portions of their heads or limbs, or if things get serious.

Powers & Abilities

Undying Loyalty:Aiming Bird is shown to be extremely loyal to the team, Shadow Hunter, the animals and the environment, also never disobeys any of Wolf's orders.

Superior Marksmanship:Aiming Bird kills prey by using firearms, mostly at far distances which he can shoot at hundreds of yards away, also uses other throwing and shooting objects such as a nail-gun or sharp weaponry such as knives.

Master Stealth:Aiming Bird is hard to be detected by anyone, mostly because he keeps a safe distance away from his victims and shoots them with firearms, such as dark places or cliffs.

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